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My Yoga Journey

About me

Hi, my name is Mikyung Kim, and I’ve been practising yoga for over 11 years. Seven years ago, I began my journey as a yoga teacher, and now I’m bringing the benefits of Forrest Yoga to private yoga classes and group classes in Doha, Qatar. As a certified Forrest Yoga instructor, I have received over 200 hours of foundation teacher training with the creator of Forrest Yoga, Ana Forrest, as well as advanced teacher training and additional training in yoga therapeutics, prenatal yoga, and anatomy and physiology. I have also completed 42 hours of training in ceremony, meditation, and mindfulness with Jambo Troung, a Forrest Yoga Guardian, as well as 85 hours of prenatal vinyasa teacher training with Jennifer More at the Yoga Barn in Bali.

My Yoga Journey

My Training

  • 204 Hours Forrest Yoga foundation teacher training with the creator of Forrest Yoga Ana Forrest (July 14-August 10, 2016)
  • 85 Hours Prenatal Vinyasa Teacher Training with Jennifer More at the Yoga Barn Bali (Nov 3-13 2016)
  • 70 Hours Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest
  • 14 Hours Foundation Yoga Therapeutics with Jambo Troung (Forrest Yoga Guardian)
  • 42 Hours of Ceremony, Meditation and Mindfulness training with Jambo Troung
  • 60 Hours of Yoga for Anatomy and Physiology Yoga with Jambo Troung

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What do my Students Think?

Some of the very kind feedback I've had from my Students

Starting Yoga Can be stressfull

Let me take the stress of that off your shoulders.You don’t need that! And if you are like me with two small kids, you won’t have the time for it either.

Let me come to you, no studio, no covid, no hassle. I can gently introduce you to yoga, be it for fitness, strength or peace of mind, and all for less than the cost of some classes in Qatar! Plus I come to you. Set your own times. After the school drop off? No problem. I'm free too! Weekend mornings, not a problem, the husband will look after the kids :)

Contact me today to see how yoga can gently transform your day-to-day life. If you are more advanced, and want to push yourself, let me push you! Let’s see how far your yoga journey can take you.

If you are searching for private Yoga in Doha Qatar I will tailor my class to you, this can be at your home, your clubhouse or your hotel room if you are on a Doha layover or stay-cation.

Which Studio?

No need to find a studio I'll come to you.

What Class?

Let me personally asses you then I'll tailor my class to your ability.

Will it be expensive?

My private classes are cheaper than some Doha studios classes, contact me to find out.

My Yoga Classes

I offer a range of private yoga classes to suit all abilities and budgets

My Yoga Class Prices

I Offer a range of packages to suit all budgets

  • One Class

    One Class

    One Class

    • Pay as You Go
    • Money back If you don't enjoy it
  • One Month Package

    Five Classes

    Five Class Package

    • Five Classes
    • Buy 4 Get 1 free