Top 5 Reasons to Practice Post Natal Yoga

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Reason 1: Physical Recovery

Postnatal yoga is a gentle and effective way to regain strength and heal your body after childbirth. The practice focuses on rebuilding core muscles, improving posture, and relieving tension in the neck, shoulders, and back.

Reason 2: Emotional Well-being

Yoga provides a nurturing space for new mothers to reconnect with their bodies and emotions. The deep breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises help reduce stress, anxiety, and post-partum depression.

Reason 3: Strengthening Bond with Baby

Postnatal yoga classes often involve gentle exercises that involve your baby. These interactive sessions promote bonding and create a sense of connection between you and your little one.

Reason 4: Stress Relief

As a new mother, stress can be overwhelming. Postnatal yoga provides a sanctuary where you can let go of worries and find inner peace. The calming movements and focused breathing help release tension and improve overall well-being.

Reason 5: Regaining Strength and Flexibility

Childbirth can leave your body feeling weak and tight. Postnatal yoga helps rebuild strength in a safe and gradual manner. The gentle stretches and poses improve flexibility and restore balance to your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are private yoga classes available in Doha?

A: Yes, Active Feet Yoga offers private one-on-one yoga classes in Doha. Mikyung Kim, a certified yoga instructor, provides personalized sessions tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Q: What are the benefits of private yoga classes?

A: Private yoga classes offer individualized attention and expert guidance. You can practice in the comfort of your home or choose a serene location. Mikyung Kim will customize each class to help you achieve relaxation, strength, flexibility, or inner peace.

Q: How can I schedule a private yoga session?

A: Contact Active Feet Yoga today to schedule your first session. You can visit their website,, to learn more about the private yoga experience and book your session online.

Q: Can postnatal yoga help with post-partum depression?

A: Yes, postnatal yoga has been shown to help reduce symptoms of post-partum depression. The combination of physical exercise, deep breathing, and mindfulness can improve mood and promote emotional well-being.

Q: Is postnatal yoga suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! Postnatal yoga classes are designed for all levels, including beginners. The focus is on gentle movements and modifications to accommodate the needs of new mothers.

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